New Home Waterproofing

The exterior of your home is the one that gets the most wear and tear, so it’s important to invest in an exterior waterproofing while the foundation is under construction.


New Home Waterproofing

If you’re in the process of constructing a new home, it’s important to have it exterior waterproofed. This is a service that we offer to contractors and new construction companies and we’ll be happy to apply this process on your property while the foundation is being completed.

The foundation of your new home is critical. A well-designed foundation supports the house and directs water away from the structure. Moisture management starts with the construction of the foundation itself. The building code for new residential requires minimal preparation for the building’s foundation, which is commonly referred to as “damp proofing”.

Preparation of the foundation during its construction is critical. Damp proofing is a moisture-resistant coating that is applied to exterior foundation wall to minimize moisture migration from the ground through the foundation wall, especially into basements. A liberal amount of damp proofing material should be applied above and below grade.

Exterior waterproofing will protect your foundation from moisture, pressure, and gasses that can eventually cause foundation leaks. The exterior of your home is porous; because the concrete is porous, it’s susceptible to moisture. This means that without exterior waterproofing, you’re at risk for soil moisture seeping in and causing foundation leaks.

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