Foundation Crack Repair/Foundation Structural Repair

Foundation repair is a measure of fixing structural damage to the home’s foundation by restoring it to its original, stable condition. Foundation problems can range from cracks in the walls and sinking of the house to total failure.

Foundation Crack Repair/Foundation Structural Repair

When the foundation wall feels uneven or the width of the crack is about ¼” or wider, it usually needs foundation repair. A horizontal crack on the foundation wall can be a clue that there’s a problem. Vertical cracks are bad too, but horizontal cracks are worse.

A structural foundation problem can be difficult to fix, with costs ranging from $4000 to $5000. The cost can also increase if the foundation repair requires machinery and engineers, which could double or triple the price of the structural crack repair.

Not all foundation cracks are a serious concern and it’s possible to fix a leaky basement from the inside. Some small hairline cracks can occur on foundation walls due to minor settlement or season expansion and contraction.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of basement leaks then there is a problem and you should reach out to a waterproofing contractor for advice. Newly poured concrete, which shrinks during the curing process, is most likely to crack. These cracks are usually surface cracks and can usually be remedied with surface repair.

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