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RCC Waterproofing Brampton

Since 1920, homeowners and businesses trust RCC Waterproofing Brampton to solve their leaky basement problems with waterproofing solutions and foundation repair. With 100 years of fixing wet basements, damp basements, cracks in foundations or leaks in the basement-all backed by a lifetime warranty-RCC is one of the most experienced water proofers out there. If you have a wet basement that needs reliable help from an expert company like RCC Waterproofing Brampton? Call us today!

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by Diane/Keith Lamprey | August 15, 2018

Really impressed with RCC. Great customer service and even better waterproofing. Haven't had any leak issues since their visit to our home. Should any other issues ever occur we will definitely be calling RCC.


by Raj Iguana | August 15, 2018

The guys from RCC did a great job waterproofing my home and fixing the leaky basement. The whole process was super smooth and easy. Will definitely be using them again in the future should something else come up.


by Forhad Chicken | May 24, 2017

RCC is a great company to work with. Any problems or questions my sale representative solved and told me about. The job was completed quickly and with great quality.


by Angie Smelt | May 13, 2017

My waterproofing job ended up being a great experience thanks to RCC. The installer explained everything, and neatly did what they had to do. Even when we came across unexpected barriers, they did what they had to do to overcome them - and everything worked out perfectly.


by Jack Whooping-Crane | April 15, 2017

RCC provides various options, and competitive prices. The services they offer are great and really guaranteed my waterproofing. Such a professional and friendly staff. Everything was made easy and quick


by James Turtle | April 11, 2017

Through the whole process of working with RCC I was impressed. The crew was great, especially considering the bad weather that was deterring them. But they still did a great job and finished on time. RCC is a hard working company and is very reliable.


by David Iguana | April 8, 2017

Everything went well when I was dealing with RCC water proofing. They were always on time, and finished when they stated they would. My estimator had clear knowledge of waterproofing and did a great job. There were no hidden fees and I would definitely recommend them to others. Very trusting company!

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