Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Waterproofing in Canada

Q. How much does it cost to waterproof a basement?

A basement waterproofing can cost anywhere between $1000-$25,000, but could go as high as above $50,000 depending on the size of the building. External waterproofing is a big job that should always be handled by professionals. Our external waterproofing system will provide you with a long-term solution backed by the guarantee that is second to none.

Q. Is waterproofing a basement worth it?

Nowadays, basement waterproofing is a cost-effective option for homeowners looking to protect their home from foundation damage. As the name implies, your foundation is the most important part of your home! It forms the basis for the stability of your home – keeping you and your property safe.

Q. How do foundation cracks form on basement foundation walls?

Concrete settles over time, which causes foundation cracks and buckling basement walls. Concrete is porous, so it absorbs water through capillary action during the winter. When the air temperature rises in the spring, the concrete releases the water vapour, which creates hydrostatic pressure on the foundation wall.

In addition to a bowed or cracked basement wall, there are other warning signs that should prompt a call to a professional for an inspection. The sooner a repair is made, the more you can save on potential expenses.