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20 Aug 2012

They need a 6 Star rating for this company! Basement Waterproofing

I had a company originally commit to waterproofing my basement (3 exterior walls) and they backed out. Left in a panic as I was not only cleaning up after a city sewer back up and now 4 weeks after foundation walls leaking water in, I was beside myself. I decided to call 3 companies as I needed this done now AND properly! A rep. from DrainCom was at my house within a couple of hours and we agreed to getting started ASAP. The bonus was that the price was better than the company that backed out! The crew was amazing, fast, and took incredible care to complete the job as if it was their own house. My neighbor on the left who is using the company I originally hired is still waiting for 1 side of her house that is only half way done to be completed, while DrainCom has finished 3 times the project on my house and is now starting work on my neighbor to the right based on my recommendation. The bonus, they even put fresh soil down at the front and replanted the salvaged plants. Holy smokes, right?! It's super rare that you find great service, fair pricing and incredible work all in one company. Thanks for a great job Drain Com.
5 Mar 2012


My basement was always damp and musty. I called several companies to come and provide me with estimates. From the very first interaction I was pleasantly pleased with DrainCom. The whole staff is very knowledgeable and the work was done expertly! I would recommend DrainCom to anybody!
29 Nov 2011

drain work

First off Iwould like to say that Iwas greatly impressed with the service and workmanship Draincom had provided.I called Draincom because sewege water was cominginto my basement from my floor drain.I spoke to the receptionist who hat sent Carl to assess the situation first thing in the morning. Carl had showed up ON TIME and was very polite andvery respectful of my property. Carl had show me what the problem was and outlined how the problem be fixed.Befor any work had bugam Iwas given a detailed quote which outlined the price and work that was to take place.NO SURPRISES. Draincom finished the job on time and left the work site spotless.Draincom had gone above and beyond my expectations and was a pleasureto do business with. Higly recommended.
26 Sep 2011

Foundation Wall work

Unbelievable company. They are great workers, the best price and were able to fix all my problems that I have had for years.
11 May 2011


Service was spectacular. From start to finish DrainCom was here and did the work. They got the permits, drawings etc... worked very efficiently and took care of everything for me. I know I called the right company.
30 Apr 2011

Waterproofing Entire House.

The Guys were fantastic. I was very pleased with the service. I will recommend DrainCom to all family and friends.
Very trusted and resposible company.
26 Oct 2010

Basement lowering done right!

We were looking to lower our basement for convenience purposes, but didn’t want to spend too much money on this project. It was an easy choice, DrainCom has previously done work for our neighbours and they recommended them. Nothing but professional conduct throughout the whole process. Thank you for a job well done.
1 Sep 2010

Sump-pump instalation

We had to replace a sump-pump in our house and DrainCom was a perfect company to take on the job. First they provided us with a free estimate, and that’s actually where we found out what needed to be done in the first place. They were quick, but careful throughout their task. Great service DrainCom

27 Jul 2010


We were renovating our house and required a reliable plumber to install 2 new toilets and sinks in our bathrooms, and a sink and dishwasher in our kitchen. DrainCom was a great company to work with, the technician-Yuriy got the job done quickly and for a great price. Without a doubt, we recommend this company to others.

Natalie, Scarborough
30 Jun 2010

Drain repair

I had a problem with my bathroom drain. Every time the shower was used, some water would always remain not drained, followed by a terrible smell. I needed to take care of this problem immediately and was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly a technician from DrainCom-Yuriy handled the problem. Thank you for your professionalism.

Victoria, Scarborough